Girl-wolf and fae-thing

The Wild still lingered in her

Okay, Tumblr, I never thought i’d be doing this. This is a cry for help.

This is my cat Smeagol










She is a beautiful









AMAZING cat, and I would be lost without her.

I saved her from drowning at birth when she was born breech.

I bottle fed her at the age of three weeks when her mother attempted infanticide, and I would have to carry her around inside my bra because she was so attached to me. She still liked to be tucked in there until she got too big, and would ride draped over my shoulder until she was six months old. She slept under the covers with me for years, she sleeps on my pillow, or on me, or by my legs, or where my hand can touch her when it hangs off the bed, still.

She became personal care taker for my big yellow lab when we got him, and they are still the greatest of friends. They wash each other.

She escaped the house and disappeared for six weeks, I went to the ends of the Earth and turned the neighborhood upside down every day until we found her. She had managed to find her way back and was sitting in the middle of the back yard calling, I like to think, for me. When she saw me, she immediately ran over, and when I crouched down she jumped right into my arms, and rode draped over my shoulder for the first time in years into the house.

She has been there with me through every panic attack, through every fit of depression, through every development negative and positive for the past five years.

She has stopped me from killing myself. I had written my note, I had given up, the mood was right. I was crying on the floor of the bathroom, with my razor in hand, when she pushed the door (that I was previously quite sure was latched) open and walked in and looked at me like I was her sun and moon. She sat in my lap and purred, and I simply couldn’t do it. I sought help for the first time in years the very next day.

This cat has saved my life, literally, and I cannot imagine the sort of emptiness that she would leave behind without being around. Without her little jelly-bean-toes with the big tufts of fur, without her 90% fluff bodymass, without her little gargly meows and the way she grooms my face and my hands.

My life would be so much more hollow, though it would not be empty, I understand she is not my only pet and that I also have friends and family who love me, But she is something truly special and my life would be sorely lacking without her. I have lost so, so much lately already.

She has been losing weight, been withdrawn and skittish for a month now. I had recently brought in another kitten, who tormented the other cats, and I assumed it was stress. When I saw how thin she had gotten, I knew that things would not work out with the new kitten, and I found him a loving home without other cats to torment.

I thought that she would improve when the stress was gone, but she did not. I was forced to force feed her, to remind her to drink water multiple times a day. She does nothing but lay in the floor. When she walks, she wobbles.

And tonight… Tonight she had a seizure.I looked up to see her seizing on the floor, and I held her for what seemed like hours but must have only been a moment before it stopped. For several long moments after all she could do was yowl as if she were terrified or in pain.

I cannot afford to get her to the vet. We owe close to a thousand dollars in rent and bills, I am out of work, and my mother is out of work and we simply have no resources. I am willing to do ANYTHING to help my cat, but I am hitting dead ends at each turn when we simply can’t catch up enough to even keep a roof over our heads.

Please, PLEASE if any of you can spare anything at all to help us out, DONATE AT PAYPAL, there is also a DONATION LINK IN THE SIDEBAR OF MY PAGE. I will be eternally grateful. I can offer nothing but my writing, and that eternal gratitude. If you donate, please tell me and I will write anything you wish if I am at all capable.


Please don’t take her from me.


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